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In the current digital Era, with an aim to deliver quality Global services in the areas of Consulting, Localization and IT services, ESSIT INC was established by a group of professionals with a proven accomplishments in IT Services and Consulting.

The cumulative experience of the promoters and the core leadership team at ESSIT INC stands at a staggering 300+ man-years of sheer industry expertise, domain understanding and incomparable stats when it comes to delivering the goods on time, on budget, and with the added flavor of innovation, time after time.

Since 2007, we are being successful in assisting corporations across the globe equip themselves for success in global markets and across cultures. Our expertise comes from across the world, with a profound experience in all kinds of backgrounds and represent over 25 nationalities who speak over 30 languages.

As a company, ESSIT INC is driven by the passion of  delivering the best for the satisfaction of clients’ .We believe our clients’ success as our own. It is our constant endeavor to be a source of competitive advantage to our customers by becoming an integral part of their businesses. To achieve this objective, we have inducted client focused practices into our delivery and quality processes.

At ESSIT INC we are a team of excellence who never forget that we are into service business,and constantly aim in attaining customer satisfaction. Our customers always get teams that are willing go the extra mile to advance their businesses.


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The Right Person

The Human Capital Management at ESSIT INC goes to great lengths to make sure the right persons are hired as resources. This goes beyond qualifications, skills and experience, circumscribing the attitude, communication and approach of each candidate evaluated

The Right Cost

It is also natural, that when the organization is looking for the most appropriate talent to fulfill its requirement, the cost of the said resources are also at optimum levels. This also goes to insulate ESSIT INC Inc against attrition that is fairly lower than the industry averages.

The Right Training

While hiring the right people is half the task done, keeping this talent pool trained and up-to-date is the rest task. ESSIT INC Inc has a robust ongoing learning program when it comes to technological changes, processes, standards and industry best practices.

The Right Policies

ESSIT INC recognizes that though hiring and training can empower the resources with skill and insight, motivation plays a significant role in the success of the projects. Hence, the company adopts a flexible, people-centric approach towards its resources.

Localization Services

ESSIT INC provides localization services designed to meet your challenges as you go global.

Technology Services

Today, for most organizations, IT systems and software applications provide the foundation

Packaged App Services

Today, for most organizations, IT systems and software applications provide the foundation
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